Giving Back

The Gulf is full of rich experiences to be had and part of our goal is not only to enjoy what it has to offer, but to extend our experiences to those who may not get the chance to enjoy them otherwise. Part of the vision for Gulf Water Gear is to use some of our profits to create an avenue for underprivileged young men and special needs children to experience first-hand what it feels like to be on the open water along with a taste of the freedom the beach has to offer. Ultimately, our goal is to open a camp for at risk youth where fishermen who share our same passion can teach these young men how to fish and operate a working fishing vessel. We have hopes to move into a partnership with a working marina and put on a camp teaching these young men about the day to day operations of a marina/harbor under the supervision of people who live this lifestyle.

We have had the opportunity to guide trips for young men through The Catch A Dream Foundation. What a great experience! To learn more about The Catch a Dream Foundation please visit

In 2012 we were honored to be a corporate sponsor of 200 Million Flowers – Five K for the Fatherless. The proceeds from The Wharf Yacht and Boat Show in Orange Beach, AL were donated to this event. We were so excited to be a small part of what 200 Million Flowers was created to do.  Please check out this great cause at: